How to Make your bathroom eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly lifestyle may require some simple adjustments for people who want to be kind to the nature. If you already buy organic food only and recycle on the daily basis, adjust your bathroom routines to decrease your impact on the environment. An eco-friendly house starts with the bathroom. That’s the place where you waste a lot of water and use harmful cleaning products. Some people don’t think twice leaving the tap open. If you’re more responsible, take simple steps to decrease your environmental impact. Try some of the following suggestions to improve your Eco-friendly level.

You can take a shower, clean your face in a greener fashion. If you wish to reduce the amount of wasted water, install a new shower-head and faucets with aerators. Aerators use less water than ordinary taps.

Ventilate your bathroom

High levels of humidity create a favorable environment for mold to spread around. You can
even develop allergies and asthma if your bathroom is constantly humid and wet. Open your
bathroom window every morning after taking a shower. All the moisture will evaporate if
you turn on the fan. If there is no mold, that means there is no need for you to use chemical
bathroom detergents.
If you have a sunny bathroom, you can place several plants next to the window. Plants would
help you with humidity and air pollutants.

Go green!

Consider buying recycled toilet paper, Eco-friendly shower gel and shampoo. These products
don’t contain any toxic chemicals harmful for the nature.
You can also buy green shower curtains, towels and Eco-friendly bath mat.

Be creative

If you need to redesign your bathroom, be creative. Incorporate old materials such as tiles and
glass into unique décor. Instead of buying new tiles, create a mosaic wall out of old broken tile
pieces. Buy a vintage bathtub and turn it into something trendy. Not only you will create a
unique bathroom design, but also you will save some money.

Stop wasting water

The most eco-friendly way to conserve the water is to turn off the tap when you brush your
teeth or soap your hands. You will save up to 7 liters of water per minute and pay less for your
next water bill.
Start taking showers instead of taking a bath every night. There is no need to spend half an hour
in the shower. Low-flow shower-heads would significantly reduce the amount of wasted water.
Check your taps and pipes for any leaks. Leaking taps would increase your water bill.

Even if you’re not planning on redesigning your bathroom, you can still use some of these tips to reduce
your environmental impact. Simple Eco-friendly habits would improve your life.

Remodeling your bathroom is a great chance to create a functional space that will be kind to the nature.
If you want to have a sustainable bathroom design, it does not mean you need to sacrifice your comfort
for a responsible choice. To the contrary, you can incorporate all the environmentally friendly solutions
into your décor.

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