The Value of a Tree - worth $193,250

We all know how important trees are to mother nature. Some even consider it priceless, while others would simply place a commercial value on them. But have you ever wondered, How much a tree is really worth?.
In our recent trip to the City of Davao, Philippines. We visited one of their main tourist attraction, the Eden Nature Park & Resort. Our journey around the 80 hectares park, led us across a billboard, right on the side of a walkway, with the heading “A tree is worth $193,250”.

“Of concern to all! A tree is worth $193,250. According to Professor T.M.Das of the University of Calcutta. A tree living for 50 years will generate $31,250 worth of oxygen, provide $62,000 worth of air pollution control, control soil erosion and increase soil fertility to the tune of $31,250. Recycle $37,500 worth of water and provide a home for animals worth $31,250. This figure does not include the value of fruits, lumber or beauty derived from trees. Just another sensible reason to take care of our forests.”

It may not be an accurate calculation but it was just amazing how the tree’s benefits were presented by that small billboard. It is a very good reminder that I consider it a very simple green solution, something we could use towards our way to green technology and solutions. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the obvious.

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