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Filipino Inventor Turns Plastic Trash Into Liquid Gold

A Filipino inventor has found a way to convert plastic trash into fuel - Gasoline, Diesel and Kerosene. Though not a very new invention, Jayme Navarro has found his own way of turning plastic into fuel, through a process called  “Pyrolysis”. This patented system has been proven to convert non-biodegradable and non-recyclable plastics into fuel. If implemented in a large-scale this system could literally turn hill sized land fills in the Philippines into a goldmine - “fuelmine”.

Plastic trash into fuel - Gasoline, Diesel & Kerosene

Poly-Green Technology and Resources, a Philippine based company, has created a system that converts plastic waste into fuel. Its inventor, Jayme Navarro, discovered the process while trying to convert plastic waste back into its original virgin form.

Pyrolysis is a fairly simple process, it starts by drying plastics to be processed. They are then shredded into smaller pieces, and heated in a thermal chamber. The melted plastic is continually heated until it boils and produce vapors. The vapor is passed into cooling pipes and distilled into a liquid which is chemically identical to regular fuel.

The process itself is already amazing, but what is more amazing is the fact that the fuel it produces actually burns cleaner the regular fuel. Since gas from plastic has lower sulfur content. Plus with low production costs and an overwhelming supply of plastic trash, the fuel is about 10% to 20% cheaper.

The thermal chamber used in the process is  designed to have very low oxygen, causing the plastics to melt into a liquid rather than burn. The vapor it produces, is just like vapor produced when boiling water. Not only is the process producing a cheaper and cleaner fuel, and  reducing plastic trash and pollution. It is also an environment friendly process.

The company does not claim to have invented the process, since several inventors and companies has already turn plastics to fuel. However, they have created their own unique system and has an approved patent with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines.

A Pyro-Green plant has now been running for three months, producing 1,600 liters of fuel from 2 metric tons of plastic daily. The fuel produced is continually being tested in vehicles, and so far they have very good results.

Large-scale implementation of the system will definitely help the environment and significantly reduce the country’s garbage problems. In can provide an alternative source of fuel, and if widely used, it would decrease pollution from vehicle emissions as well.



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