Spray On Battery: High-Tech Paint Turns Any Surface Into Battery

“You could turn your home into a battery”, a statement by one of the scientist who has formulated a paint, that could turn virtually any surface into battery.

A leap from the current lithium battery technology, which is limited to a rectangular and cylindrical design.

Scientists at the Rice University in Houston Texas, has successfully developed a formula that allows paint to store and deliver electric power just like a battery.

The researchers have come up with a technique to break down the components of a traditional battery. By applying their formula they are able to incorporate each component into a liquid base, paint, that can be spray painted in layers on virtually any surface.

Each layer of paint represents each element of a battery. For the technique to work, the paint should be applied in the correct order.

The result is a rechargeable battery of paint layers which consist of two current collectors, a cathode, an anode and a polymer separator in the middle.

Recent tests were done with nine bathroom tiles coated with the spray on battery paint, and connected to each other. When they were charged, the batteries powered a set of light-emitting diodes for six hours, providing a steady 2.4 volts.

Other than functioning like a traditional battery, its developers believe that this technology can be applied on solar panels.

Though several tests and improvements still needs to be done. The researchers have already applied for patent on this technology.

With the current development, researchers have seen a some limitations on the technology. The use of toxic, flammable, potentially corrosive materials, and the need for a dry and oxygen-free environment when manufacturing the new device.

There are still a lot of questions on the technology. With its chemical nature, how would it react to sunlight or rain when applied on an outdoor environment? This is something we may have to look forward on further development updates.

source: Discovery News

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