Can Garden Billboards Clean Urban Air?

A group of architects and engineers in Los Angeles has developed a technique to transform existing urban billboards into living bamboo gardens. The Urban Air project is an eco-friendly concept which aims to help clean urban air and it is something that can easily become a  symbol of a work of art and integration with nature.

Billboard advertisements has become a part of urban landscapes in cities around the world. So why not make nature a part of the city as well.

To deploy the Urban Air project they will remove the signage, install planters and then the bamboo, and then install water misters and sensors to make sure it’s properly irrigated.

The UrbanAir billboard creates an open space in the urban skyline, and a place set aside for nature, even in heavily developed areas.

The team is planning its first deployment in LA’s 10 freeway. If successful the group wants to create similar gardens across the country.

The project is currently seeking crowd funding through kickstarter: Urban Air - Los Angeles.

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