Corals revived by Electricity

Electricity Sparks New Life Into Indonesia’s Corals. A weak, harmless voltage run through metallic structures underwater is reviving near-dead reefs. Based on “Biorock” technology”, it has been implemented in twenty (20) countries, mainly in Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific. The electrolysis provokes a fast build-up of limestone, helping corals flourish.

The “BioRock” coral reef restoration method, accelerates coral growth. The harmless electrical current on metal structures, causes the minerals dissolved in sea water to crystallize and deposit on to the metal structure. Amazingly, the resulting limestone material  is similar to what coral organisms themselves produce  naturally.

Habitat: Home to more than 1 million diverse aquatic species, including thousands of fish species
Income: Billions of dollars and millions of jobs in more than 100 countries around the world.
Food: For commercial fishing enterprises and for people living near coral reefs, especially on small islands.
Protection: A natural barrier protecting coastal cities, communities, and beaches.
Medicine: Potential treatments for many of the world’s most prevalent and dangerous illnesses and diseases.     

I first read about this on December 2011 through Discovery News. It is truly amazing, I never imagined such simple solution could have very significant impact on the planet, especially the ocean’s ecosystem. With the advancement of technology I am hoping and will be checking out more solutions or methods like this. This is truly a clean and green solution for our planet. I hope this is implemented in more locations around the world.

 Today this technology have already been implemented in different regions around world. In Peurto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines. The BioRock technology was implemented in 2007 and has been making great impact. It has produced a healthier ocean ecosystem which generates an abundance in marine life that provides a consistent source of livelihood for the local Filipino fishermen.

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