Kodak reinvention: from camera film to flexible (thin-film) Solar Cells

Kodak is in the process of trying to reinvent itself through flexible (thin-film) Solar Cells.  It may be a long shot, but they are hoping to use its existing film manufacturing equipment to produce thin-film solar cells.

Kodak, the camera and film maker, has filled for bankruptcy recently this January 2012. They have suffered as digital cameras has eclipsed film technology over the last decade. It has tried to compete and sold digital cameras itself but was unable to keep up companies that have more technical competence in electronics.

It an effort to reinvent and revive it self. Kodak is now working with Natcore Technology to develop and produce flexible solar cells made of nanotubes that could match the efficiency of conventional silicon cells that dominate the market today. It could cost them half as much to make, because they it can be made on existing film production equipment at Kodak.  Thin-film cells haven’t made as much of a splash in the market yet mainly because of the efficiency lag between them and silicon cells, but thin-film is catching up.

This will be a challenging transition for the company. But we all know that Kodak is capable of making flexible solar cells work and more efficient. Its competence in chemistry and film making could make this happen and make them competitive once again.

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