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Green innovations for a sustainable future: LED Lighting

LED lights has been around for some time already, it was meant to replace the compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and provide a more energy-efficient lighting. LED lights are considered eco-friendly, but like solar panels, it did not get much interest because it was very expensive and due to questions about its reliability. Thanks to recent innovations LED light  are now very efficient and reliable, the top of the line LEDs produce 200 lumens for every watt of power it consumes.
LED lighting - energy efficient LED lights
Lighting accounts for more than 19% for the world’s electricity consumption. So it just makes sense to consider LED lighting. But with its fast growing popularity on the market today, there are some factors to look into when purchasing LED lights.

Most LEDs provide 40-50 lumens per watt range, regardless of the brand. Don’t buy these, they consume more electricity than compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, which range from 50-75 lumens per watt, and are lot cheaper than LEDs.

To determine the high energy-efficiency LEDs, same with any type of light bulb, just divide the lumens (brightness) by the wattage of the bulb. So a 450 lumens, 6 watts bulb has an energy-efficiency of 75 lumens per watt (450 lumens / 6 watts = 75 lumens per watt). This simple method can help you compare the efficiency against its price and decide which complements its price.



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