Recycled Sandals - Wear . Re-wear . Recycle

Okabashi, the largest maker of recycled sandals and flip flops in United States and founded on 1984 makes footwear that is both recyclable and made from recycled materials. User consumers can send their old footwear in to be recycled and as a token, they are given coupon for their next buy. They are also proud to tell that their footwear products are Vegan friendly. They did not use animal skins, or byproducts on the sandals. They did not even test it in animals.

100% Recyclable Shoes

Okabashi recycling starts with the raw material that we use to make the shoes, Microplast. This material is unique in that it can be softened and remolded. When old shoes are sent back to the factory, our team will inspect them for contaminants. If the shoes are contamination-free, we grind them up and blend the little pieces of previously molded Okabashis into the mixture for new Okabashis. The plastics are softened and remolded into new Okabashis.


The Result: Last year alone, Okabashi was able to re-grind and re-introduce over 100,000 lbs of scrap material, diverting 10 tractor trailers full of waste from our landfills.

Okabashi shoes and sandals typically last 2 to 4 years, are machine washable & dishwasher-safe, and are 100% recyclable. As they say, Wear-Re-wear-Recycle.

To prove their worth, they are featured in most press in US. Click here.

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