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Which smartphone of 2013 is best for gaming?

You can use a mobile phone for a lot of different things these days, but games – ranging from role playing and adventure ones to online casino games such as slots – has definitely become one of the most popular uses. Now that mobile casino is making gaming on a phone easier than ever, this is likely to increase, and it is vital for new smartphones to be good for playing games on, if they are to sell. There is many great websites nowadays where you can play amazing games, why don’t you try and download here so you can see for yourself. There have been lots of very good cutting edge smartphones for gaming on released this year, but one that is a little special is the Google LG Nexus 4.

Admittedly, as it has a current retail price of around twenty five thousand pounds, it does represent a smartphone for the high roller at the moment – but this price will undoubtedly go down. What you do get for this cost is a quality gaming phone, and the processor is a major factor in that. It is a GHZ Snapdragon quad-core one, and it is paired with RAM of 2GB and 16 GB of internal storage. What this means is that this phone is not only ideal for those quick games – like slots for example – but also for longer, more in-depth types of gaming (for example strategy games or skilled casino games like poker).

Of course there is also the graphics aspect of games, and this is something that has often suffered due to the smaller screen and lower pixel density of mobile devices. However the Google LG Nexus 4 has a 4.7-inch screen display and boasts an impressive 318-ppi pixel density. When you consider that there is also the Adreno 320 graphics chip boosting the visual quality of the games, it isn’t hard to see why many of the tech sites and magazines have rated the LG Nexus 4 as the best gaming smartphone of 2013.

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