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67-pounder Carbon Fiber Roskva Electric Motorcycle

Electric cars are rolling high in the market, from private, public, to sports car, a new generation of hybrid transportation was introduced and now has a promising stage in the market. The E-bikes or the electric motorcycles, Brammo and Zero are just some of the brands in America that are making names for electric motorcycles.

Meanwhile, in Norway, 5 engineering college students introduced a carbon fiber electric motorcycle that they think can compete in the motorcycle industry. This 67lbs, 94hp (horsepower) bike give interest and heat on the competition.

According to Roskva, the project is Ambitious, Clever, And Cool Looking. The idea started from a pen and paper to CAD (Autocad) sketches to reality. The group that is behind the project has big ambitions. Constructed it with light but strong carbon fiber that can only weigh 50-70lbs. That is spectacularly light compared to Brammo’s Empulse that is around 440lbs.

Carbon Fiber is a bit expensive, and to cut the cost for Roskva, the designers utilizes lithion-iron phosphate battery. Compared to the most used batteries, it has a longer lifespan however have less density that limits the pack to just 60 miles. Maintaining a top speed of 113 mph for so long will probably drain the life of the battery pretty fast.

The team has a big dream for Roskva and hopes to be the Mona Lisa of the electric motorcyle industry. Though no price was released yet, basing on the industrial works, carbon fiber is not cheap, nor the batteries used. On the other hand, We still expect to have more interest and increase of popularity on carbon fibers in the future.