10 Ways To Save Green by Going Green

It’s no secret that we should try to help the environment as much as possible. That doesn’t mean we can’t help ourselves at the same time. You can easily go green while saving green with these 10 tips.

  1. Replace light bulbs - CFLs use less electricity and last longer, saving your wallet.

  2. Sell old electronics - Buying current ones allow you to use less devices for the same things, meaning less power. Sell the old ones to fund your upgrade.

  3. E-Reader - Borrowing electronic books online is free and saves a tree from being cut down.

  4. Reuse newspaper - If you can’t get used to getting your daily news online, then use the papers to line a flower garden, soak up spills, or make paper hats and boats with the kids./

  5. New appliances - A new washer can pay for itself in a few short years with the money saved from lower energy consumption.

  6. Run appliances at night - Peak energy hours can cost more than off peak hours. Call your local company to find out when energy cost is lowest and do you washing then.

  7. Toss the water bottles for good - Buying bottled water is a luxury expense that ends up in the landfill. Invest in a reusable bottle and fill up from home.

  8. Work from home - Lobby your boss to allow you to telecommute a few days per month by telling him how much less it would cost him if you did. Think lowered electricity costs for the office, less coffee from his canister, the possibilities are endless. If you succeed then it means less costs for you as well. Transportation costs will go down, you can eat at home instead of buying out. The world will benefit from it by fewer vehicles polluting the air.

  9. Install a new water softener - Harvey Water Softeners can lower your water and electric bills as well as prolong the life of those new appliances you bought. It keeps your clothing softer as hard water keeps detergent from washing out completely and can make clothes last longer since the hard water also ruins the fibers. Plus, your water will be more drinkable with a water softener for you to put in that reusable water bottle you now carry.

  10. Turn off the lights - your bulbs will last longer, your wallet will be fatter, and the world will thank you for saving electricity.

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