London Olympics 2012 - Green Facts: Recyclable Basketball Stadium

The London Olympics 2012 will showcase a futuristic, stylish and a recyclable basketball stadium. It is the first ever recyclable, non-permanent structure built for the Olympics. It also uses less than half the amount of steel compared to the sized stadiums, making it the lightest Olympic stadium to date. The structure is designed capable of being deconstructed and shipped elsewhere for use, probably for the next Olympic games.

The privilege of hosting the Olympics had always been awarded to countries who can accommodate outrageously expensive building projects. The London Olympics 2012 is not an exception to that.

But the cool thing is, they made a bold move that may change how the Olympic hosting is determined. With the design of a recyclable stadium in the London Olympics, the same structure can be deconstructed and shipped to the new host country every four years.

The stadium was designed by Sinclair Knight Merz together with Wilkinson Eyre and KSS. It uses 1,000 tons of steel and was completed a year ahead of Olympic games schedule.

The Olympic Delivery Authority (DOA) has hopes that the temporary and shippable structure would serve as a model for future Olympic games: “It makes a lot of sense , especially if you want to take the games beyond the richest cities in the world. To do that, you’ve got to bring the costs down.”

source: architizer

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