Our Relationship with Mobile Gadgets has Become Toxic! [Infographic]

The mobile technology has grown so much (and so fast) over the years. It has enabled us to bring the internet anywhere, and a whole lot of useful applications.

Research revealed that people are now using mobile gadgets as more than just a tool, it has become part of our lives (lifestyle). A  habit that was stuck into our everyday routine.

But that’s a problem we can always change anytime. The real problem is – electronic waste!

Our toxic relationship with Mobile gadgets

This infographic was provided by eCycle Best.

Ironically, the continuous fast-paced evolution of mobile technology may mean more-and-more electronic wastes (e-waste). As people always goes for the latest and greatest gadgets – and more often obsolete technology ends up in landfills, contributing to a growing environmental problem.

well, unless a breakthrough in recycling e-waste (or waste management in general), they’ll just keep on pilling up.

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