Filipino Inventor Turns Plastic Trash Into Liquid Gold

A Filipino inventor has found a way to convert plastic trash into fuel – Gasoline, Diesel and Kerosene. Though not a very new invention, Jayme Navarro has found his own way of turning plastic into fuel, through a process called  “Pyrolysis”. This patented system has been proven to convert non-biodegradable and non-recyclable plastics into fuel. If implemented in a large-scale this system could literally turn hill sized land fills in the Philippines into a goldmine – “fuelmine”.

Plastic trash into fuel - Gasoline, Diesel & Kerosene

Poly-Green Technology and Resources, a Philippine based company, has created a system that converts plastic waste into fuel. Its inventor, Jayme Navarro, discovered the process while trying to convert plastic waste back into its original virgin form.

Pyrolysis is a fairly simple process, it starts by drying plastics to be processed. They are then shredded into smaller pieces, and heated in a thermal chamber. The melted plastic is continually heated until it boils and produce vapors. The vapor is passed into cooling pipes and distilled into a liquid which is chemically identical to regular fuel.

The process itself is already amazing, but what is more amazing is the fact that the fuel it produces actually burns cleaner the regular fuel. Since gas from plastic has lower sulfur content. Plus with low production costs and an overwhelming supply of plastic trash, the fuel is about 10% to 20% cheaper.

The thermal chamber used in the process is  designed to have very low oxygen, causing the plastics to melt into a liquid rather than burn. The vapor it produces, is just like vapor produced when boiling water. Not only is the process producing a cheaper and cleaner fuel, and  reducing plastic trash and pollution. It is also an environment friendly process.

The company does not claim to have invented the process, since several inventors and companies has already turn plastics to fuel. However, they have created their own unique system and has an approved patent with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines.

A Pyro-Green plant has now been running for three months, producing 1,600 liters of fuel from 2 metric tons of plastic daily. The fuel produced is continually being tested in vehicles, and so far they have very good results.

Large-scale implementation of the system will definitely help the environment and significantly reduce the country’s garbage problems. In can provide an alternative source of fuel, and if widely used, it would decrease pollution from vehicle emissions as well.

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  • i do pray that the invention of Mr Navarro will really be doing well. we all know that it will help boast our economy and will help our environment good. aside that it will help our spiritual aspects. 

    • Jay

      Yes.. But Makinori Ito was the first inventor of converting plastic into oil.. And he also introduced that machine here to campaign for greener world..

  • i just hope our government support Mr. Navarro and not become another case of taken for granted inventors…this invention (fuel vapor extractor, not the fuel itself) should rightfully be protected here in the country and not exported to another foreign corporation…

    • The big 3 will definitely use their influence to stop this from going into larger scale implement.Lets keeps sharing this to our kabayans and to the world, to put pressure on the government…Maybe our government officials will be moved in some way…lol But there is always the hope of the people’s power!Thanks

  • Olypiacamunag

    Sana PILIPINO ang makinabang sa imbensyong ito ni Mr. Navarro, likewise hindi rin po maisipan ng imbentor na ibenta ang patent nito,…sa ibang lahi…..

  • Alex C. Dulay

    I salute Mr. Jaime Navarro for the invention, you’ve than a great job sir!!!  Its a big advantage with regards to our environment… I hope our government will help this kind of project. Can I ask how much will cost to process at least a liter of diesel or kerosene fuel?

  • Jeffcabigao

    Is this really true, can we verify whether this is true cause if its is then the City of Manila will be the first to try this brand new invention. 

    •  ASA … hinde kikita gobyerno dyan … baka pagalitan sila ng mga gasoline company  …

      • The big 3 will definitely use their influence to stop this from going into larger scale implement.Lets keeps sharing this to our kabayans and to the world, to put pressure on the government…Thanks


          What a wonderful thing!  Not only producing fuel, but also saving the planet by converting the harmful gas produced by conversion to fuel.  This is going to be a big thing for everyone.  Kaya lang, surely someone international will buy the idea and our Pinoy will lose the credit.  Payo lang…please always make sure the inventor will bargain to always get the name and credit for the work.  It’s time Pinoys start doing that, right? Pinas need to prtect their inventors and inventions.  And ibang bansa kilala sa pag kopya at pagnanakaw ng idea para yumaman sila, and that leaves out the originators.  It happens at work every day…we Pinoys give the ideas to our superiors and they bring it to their higher ups and take allt eh credit and this is not exempted from that.  Patent, patent, and sue someone for breaching “intellectual property righs” over your ingenious invention.  But, be fast and furious to get it before it’s stolen from you.  Sorry, that’s the way of the world…”the weak will be eaten” ika nga. 

          • Arnel1971

            saan po mkakabili nang producto nyo address and tel number please

  • Allanjay

    I guess it is good for science in the Philippines, but in reality, this won’t work in the long run.  You can only have 1600 L for 2 metric Tons of plastic? If you consider 1600L at P50/L, that is only P80,000.  It will cost more than P80,000 to collect, process and distribute that gasoline derived from plastic.  Hope they can make it more efficient.

    • Infiniteblue_02

      1600L/day… I think it will not cost that much to collect 2 metric tons of plastic a day its everywhere in the streets of Manila.. just saying

      • I agree…@4a4ea3d208425058ed21adea8ef117e5:disqus I’ll will have a follow up post with more details on the operation, I am still waiting for response from the company, some government agencies and NGOs.


        • Erarang

          Calling all Filipinos,and politician Please support this project for the future of our country,I love Philippines, I love my Family!!!!!

          • leijla

            isn’t this fuel a byproduct of pyrolysis? if so, then it’s not that expensive at all…

          • Enje_goodnezz

            Very good point @cea6c551bf059dd5b3f06e8df2accd2a:disqus . @228c72ca7ef5fa62ae4436be206f2652:disqus if you can imagine Landfills having no income at all, yet we are widely using them.
            Fuel is just a plus, the main purpose of this invention is for managing plastic waste, which is obviously one of the main contributors of our garbage

    • The other feedstock one can produce with this type of process have more value than the diesel you get out of it. All depends on the cleanness (separation costs) of your feedstock. Going over trash in western countries (17%) with high labor costs will produce far more expensive feedstock. Going over trash where more than 30% of the garbage contains (uncoloured) plastics can be cheap enough to make it viable.

    • vinci34

      The thing is, whether you convert it to fuel or not, you still have to spend to collect the plastic trashes because they are causing pollution. So, you might as well put the waste to use.

  • camade

    what say you “Big 3”?  

    • The big 3 will definitely use their influence to stop this from going into larger scale implement.

      Lets keeps sharing this to our kabayans and to the world, to put pressure on the government…


  • Jbganaden

    I think the company was established with the purpose of saving the environment and not only for profits. They have managed to recycle and is now capable of cleaning all the plastic wastes, and at the same time producing a very important commodity which is fuel. Fuel produced is only a bonus for this project. This may just be enough to sustain the company or lower down the project costs. But what matters most now is we have a way of saving mother earth itself and all the living creatures inhabiting it.
    Let’s share this to the world and let them know that one of the saviors of the earth is a FILIPINO!!!

    MABUHAY KA Jayme Navarro!!!

    Calling the attention of the people in the goverment….For CHRISTs sake, support this project and for once in your life, DO GOOD to OTHERS and NOT ONLY FOR YOURSELVES!


    • The big 3 will definitely use their influence to stop this from going into larger scale implement.Lets keeps sharing this to our kabayans and to the world, to put pressure on the government…Thanks

    • DocD


      • barok oy

        kaw cguro…walang imbentor na nanggagaya….BOBO

      • Pokemon

        hindi mo ba binasa ng buo yung article???  eto, intindihin mo ha, i-quote ko para sa’yo…

        “The company does not claim to have invented the process, since several inventors and companies has already turn plastics to fuel. However, they have created their own unique system and has an approved patent with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines.”naintindihan mo???

      • gamibt

        fucking CRAB!!!

      • Gary

        pls read the article carefully. The inventor did not say he was the first to do that but he created his own way of turning plastic into fuel….. OMG.Dont hate to say what!!!. copied or not, the point is, we are all ambitioning to have a clean environment in the future. Let’s give moral support to those who exert effort to do their share in making our environment clean as possible! Clean our minds from polluted thinking!

      • dhave

        may mga taong tanga kasi d iniintinde ang sinasabi bago bitawan.. yan ang mga taong gaya mo DocD… sumisilip lng ng butas sa kapwa… mga taong gaya mo ang salot ng lipunan.. dapat kang irecycle para naman mapakinabangan…

        • DoCD Non-recyclable

          Oi @db44b49757e569bf0e5235f82262774c:disqus, I disagree. Hindi na yata pwede i.recycle yan, wag nah. Baka masama parin ang producto nyan…haha Salot!

      • suribachi

        Ehh hindi naman inaangkin ni mr.navarro tong invention na to ehh d mo ba binasa ung article?saka hindi ang originality ang issue dito ang issue dto ay ang pakinabang ng invention kung cnu man ang talagang nakaimbento nyan matutuwa pa sya dahil magagamit sa maayus na paraan ang imbensyon nya

      • Jakuzzii

        Dude dont be stupid… have you read the whole thing?? seriously?? BOBO ka ba???

      • from the future

        WOW, it’s crabby anti-Filipino people like you who are actually pulling down Filipinos as a whole. . while the government are doing their share in making our country’s progress stagnant, it’s people like you who are actually “pulling back” the progress the country has made, you condemn Filipino achievements because someone foreign has “already done it”, it’s not a race, it’s progress through our own hands . .

        people like you are always going into the comments section saying that you are sick of your countrymen, you don’t want to be a Filipino and are embarrassed of being one, always prioritizing foreign everything and like to be affiliated with them as well

        this is the problem with the Philippines, it’s not so much the government, but rather, it’s the large percentage of the Filipino people who lack a love for our country, maybe it’s their bad life experience from poverty, maybe “feeler” lang talaga, or even just an attitude remnant of our colonization under Spanish rule

        with other countries, the smallest of hint of their country in any article or video would set their people off in the comments to write “proud hungarian here!”, “that’s Russia for you!”, “USA USA USA USA USA”, “holy sh*t that guy’s german!!”, “i’m a proud scot!” . .

      • Emmanuel Loya


  • Ardeenrt

    we are bproud of yu sir jayme navarro

  • bernice

    The Oil or the Liquid gold is what made middle east countries ultra rich. Now this is our chance. We and our country, the Philippines, as a whole might face international sanctions if our government would support this project fully, but weighing its pros and cons, aside from the favorable effect it would do to the environment, it could be a great source of revenue. Therefore i would say that this invention or discovery must be protected and that the government should step up and help the project. 

    • Gegedebora

      Paranoia is well  shared in Philippines …!!!

  • Third

    Bravo Pilipinas!

  • luvwatch

    Mother Nature is suffering, let’s do our part in getting rid of pollutants and everything that can hurt her. Let’s help save the environment, not only for us living now on planet earth but also for the future generations.

  • MonicaPascua

    Now is the time to really work hard to separate the plastics from other garbage…

  • Vicabanayan

    Mabuhay ka Mr. Navarro…. Hey Philippine government wake up!!!!… lets support this project… not for profit but at least for the environment!!!

  •  Yes, converting plastic into something useful like fuel is really a big development and it will really reduce our island-sized dump-sites but that is just half gain as our beloved and hard working inventor’s primary goal was reversing the plastic products back into its original and virgin form.  In my opinion that is the best solution.  It’s like aiming to reverse used paper products back into a tree which gives us 1000% benefit.

    I really hope that the genius behind this invention would get back into its primary goal of reversing plastic back into its original and virgin form.

    The island-sized dump-sites should become island-sized GOLD-sites.  The opportunity is here let’s make it count, guys!

    And there is no International Law that awards exclusive rights to middle eastern countries of producing, exporting and selling fuel.  There should be no sanctions, although, we have to consider 3 BIG problems.

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  • Ralph Baquiran

    Nice one kabayan!Upgrade the Invention,Put directly the raw material plastic into the vehicle then process until fuel is produced.I am sure no more plastic waste to be seen as a result of clean environment..

  • Veronica Amodia de Cesero

    Congratulations Mr. Jayme Navarro, a filipino inventor!Filipino had been known to be a genius of inventing something but only, foreign people is the one who gave much value of it. But no problem. We are now at the age of one world, one family under one God. Therefore, what Mr. Navarro invented is not only for Philippines but for the whole world inorder to keep our planet earth clean. Very great job! I´m looking forward that it can be applied also here in Brasil. Thanks.

    • Pacificnwgroup

      He only created his own unique way of doing something that had already been done. Congrats for that. ”
      The company does not claim to have invented the process, since several inventors and companies has already turn plastics to fuel. However, they have created their own unique system”

  • Datskie_2008

    Great what a brilliant mind….

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  • this is one way of protecting our environment and at the same time arrest the escalating prices of gasoline fuel. congrats to Mr. Jayme Navarro!!!

  • I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • JD

    Is it possible, na magpapagawa ng planta ung government para sa ganitong produkto, at least, may alternative na tayo, and mas cheaper pa compared sa binibili natin sa labas ng bansa. We helped the environment and also yung mga namamahalan sa gasolina. marami namang available plastic na pakalatkalat dyan sa tabi tabi. collect nlng natin yun and yun may supply na tayo ng gasolina 🙂

  • Punkchinese

    hmm generating income for the needy … collecting and selling plastics
    the needy could be one of the large contributors of cleaning the environment
    Us who use plastics could learn the responsibility of proper disposal of plastics
    Possibility of others taking advantage of the technology and its benefits.

  • Benerian Mendoza

    Great article. I don’t want to sound skeptical, but I do want to know what exactly is the composition of the “vapor” produced from the pyrolysis process, and from what  type of plastic the fuels are produced. 

    Why I asked this is because burning plastic produces dioxin, a very toxic substance. There are many types of plastics, ranging from simple polyethylenes (black garbage bags) to more complex ones (polymethyl methacrylate, polyvinyl chloride), and the more complex the plastic the greater the likelihood of producing the dangerous dioxin.

    Also, plastics are amazingly stable, in a chemical sense, and would require great inputs of energy to decompose it to simpler hydrocarbon chains (in other words, into fuel).

    This is a great idea and speaks of the creativity and innovation of the Filipino people, if of course true. But that is why we should push for more third-party verification (especially by DOST) to ensure that this is truly a sustainable and eco-friendly process for fuel production.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Strategic_superiority

      Another interesting question to ask is, is there a net energy gain for the pyrolysis process? Let’s say, if the input of energy to producing oil from plastic is around 40 kilojoules (whether from electricity, combustion, etc.), is the energy output from the corresponding amount of oil produced greater than that?

      • Pyrolysis processes are self-sustained. The char produced during the process can serve as heating fuel for the process. Its an exothermic process. Depending on temperature, feedstock , 70% is oil. 20% char and 10% non condensable gasses + water vapor.

  • DocD


    • PinoyPunk

      @8d80fa08b390c1ba7d1f5dc39c25d075:disqus  magbasa ka muna nang maayos….hahaha

      The company does not claim to have invented the process, since several inventors and companies has already turn plastics to fuel. However, they have created their own unique system and has an approved patent with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. ”

      Ndi ka makaka patent kung pure copy lang….
      @twitter-599318914:disqus ano nga pala ang kaibahan talaga nito system sa ibang system? !

  • asa pa kayo,
    tubig nga na may pruwebang kayang magpatakbo ng sasakyan hindi naaprubahan eto p kaya

  • firecomet

    so what is the Oligarch puppet, IMF-WB lackey of a government from a virus carrying Hepatitis Camp infecting a country dubbed Sick Man of Asia doing about this?

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  • Anyone know how much energy is required to produce one litre of fuel.

    Remember there is no such thing as a free lunch, and in all these cases, the amount of energy required to produce one litre of fuel is much greater than the total energy produced from that one litre of fuel.

    Now, if this guy was using say geog-thermal energy or solar energy, then maybe he would have something to shout about.

    • Jan

      I think the man created something useful for disposing plastic garbage. With fuel as bi-product. Its about perspective @facebook-611844223:disqus. try to put into account the amount of plastic disposed on the process…I think its something to shout about.

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  • dice8up

    Way to go Mr. Navaro. Panawagan sa gobyerno, suportahan na natin ito. di lang malilinis ang mga syudad natin sa plastic, magkakaroon pa ng alternative sa problema natin sa taas ng presyo ng gasolina.

    Wag tayo pasasakal sa IMF. napakalaking pakinabang nito sa atin at sa buong mundo.

    What I would like to know though, is, where can we find this by products to buy?

  • tanggerongbayan

    i want to try this… pls post your tel. or add.

  • Gary


  • Doc Tech

    Either this is invention or innovation by anybody, at least it helps to protects and preserves the environment of 3-Rs in material waste, Don’t attack each other, as if you done big to save the environment. Let us help save our mother Earth to live forever. God Bless Mankind.

  • Good Day Sir!
    I’m a 4th year college Industrial Engineering Student from De La Salle University Dasma Cavite. My group mates and I are constructing a small scale machine similar (not the same) to what is used by poly green to convert plastic to oil. This is part of the requirements for our subject “Technological Research”. We are having difficulties with our build. We would like to receive tips and insights from poly green that will help us accomplish the build and pass the subject. Do you have any contact number or email-add that is presently being used by poly green so that we can contact them quickly? The time frame for this project is up to march 2013 only. Thank you for any help that you will give, God Bless!

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  • Wrong, wrong, wrong: its called de-polymerisation, not pyrolysis. Used in chemical industry for years to create feed stocks from plastics trash.

    Pyrolysis oil, as created by flash-pyrolysis from woody like waste does create an oil as well, full with alcohol types. High temperature pyrolysis creates gas which one can synthesise into liquid fuels with Fischer-Tropps and like process. The Charcoal industry has used this method of wood refinery since the 1900’s till cheap fossil oil took over.

    BTW. Plastic feedstocks are for the greater part made out of fossils through above mentioned processes. That feedstock has still a far higher value than simple liquid fuels to burn in a car.

    • enje

      Wow nice inputs @facebook-100000662596362:disqus. You seem to be very knowledgeable on this. Do you think it is really possible and would it be practical in terms of the energy generate vs the energy used?

  • pNoyAI3n0y

    Do our government support this? What they do? This is a multiple solution.. I hope they fully support this.

  • cubee

    di susuportahan ng gov’t yan, wala sila mapepera kasi diyan. kaya dapat tayo nalang na mamayan ang mag suporta diyan.need palawakin yan hangang mindanao para lahat tayo makinabang. Ang taas na ng presyo ng gasolina, ito nalang gamitin natin mura pa.

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    Throughout the awesome design of things you actually receive a B+ with regard to hard work. Where you misplaced us was on your details. You know, as the maxim goes, the devil is in the details… And it could not be much more true in this article. Having said that, let me say to you what exactly did do the job. The article (parts of it) is certainly incredibly convincing and this is probably why I am making an effort to opine. I do not really make it a regular habit of doing that. 2nd, despite the fact that I can easily notice the jumps in reasoning you come up with, I am definitely not sure of just how you seem to unite the details which produce your conclusion. For right now I will, no doubt subscribe to your issue however hope in the near future you connect the dots better.

  • yumri

    so what ever happened to this technology?

  • Patrick

    San po ako pde kumuha ng research paper nya mismo. Interested po kc ako sa topic na to

  • Rosalie Bon

    How to contact Mr. Jayme Navarro Please can you help us in our research we need to talk to him.

  • Jayson

    Very great. Do you have drop-off locations so we can drop our plastic trash?

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