Review: Loudbasstard Bamboo Sound Amplifier for Mobile Devices

The loudbasstard passive amplifier is an Eco-friendly amplifier for  mobile devices. Produced in Cebu, Philippines, It is made of all natural materials and works without any power input. A perfect example of sustainable and an Eco-friendly product, able to leverage technology, design and nature all together.

I first saw this product in a Mall in Cebu. I was captivated right away thinking that the whole concept was so simple, yet looked amazingly elegant and innovative.

Loudbasstard - Blackberry

Blackberry Bold

I got mine about three months ago. After getting it out of the box, my mom was first to grab it and placed it along side some furniture, and it blended pretty well. So it’s not only a gadget you can bring a long, It can also be an elegant decorative display piece at home.

A quick search and you’ll know this is not the first bamboo amplifier on the market, but for me this definitely wins in design and sound output.

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Production / Manufacturing

The loudbasstard is made of 100% natural materials – bamboo and rattan, both are native and abundant in Cebu, Philippines.
Its unique world-class look is produced by skilled Cebuano craftsmen, this product is 100% made by hand – hand cut, hand sand, hand dyed and hand packaged.

Function / Maintenance

The loudbasstard works naturally as well – no power, no battery needed. Just slide in your mobile device and enjoy your music get amplified. Since it does not use any power input, it’s designed to work with smartphones, music players and other mobile devices with built-in speakers. So for volume control, you’ll have to adjust it from your mobile device.

Loudbasstard - Sony Xperia ZR

Sony Xperia ZR

The docking port is perfect for devices not wider than Samsung’s Galaxy SIV. But it still works for wider sized devices, since its device docking is designed with open sides. So it’s basically limitless in terms of compatibility. A key feature to keep up with the fast evolving mobile technology.

What to expect

Before jumping in to buy a loudbasstard bamboo amplifier. Make sure you set your expectations. This bamboo amplifier is definitely a cool piece, but it will definitely Not give you the same sound amplification with electronic speakers/amplifiers. Since it has no power source, It amplifies sound by concentrating the sound waves to the direction of the bamboo opening. There is no magic behind it.

Loudbasstard passive amplifier colors

Other Colors. Image: Loudbasstard

With no electronic parts, means no e-waste. With no power input, and with all natural materials and all processing by hand, its only carbon footprint will probably be on distribution/delivery of the product. How cool is that? What do you think? – for me it is definitely 100% awesome.

This is definitely something to be proud of, as a Filipino and Cebuano.

You can checkout the Loudbasstard website to buy one. Currently, it is sold for ₱1,190 PHP (~$30 USD). They have about 8 colors to choose from. They also have cool bamboo iPhone cases.

The loudbasstard bamboo amplifier reminds us how simplicity can go a long way.

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