Best Eco-Friendly Green Technology and Innovations of 2012

2012 was a great year for Eco friendly or green technology. We did not only witness breakthroughs and innovations of cutting edge technology with more Eco-friendly side. There was also an increased interest and public awareness for green technology.

Here are the top stories of Eco-friendly green technology from 2012!

Filipino Inventor Turns Plastic Trash Into Liquid Gold

An indication of the fast growing interest on green technology in the Philippines. Though this was not uniquely a new invention, a Filipino inventor’s version and large-scale implementation of this technology received a lot of attention from its country men.

Pedal-Powered Washing Machine and Dryer – Innovative, Eco Friendly and Practical

An award-winning prototype for a pedal-powered washing machine that costs less than $40. The GiraDora is an ergonomically designed, compact and inexpensive, foot-powered washing machine. With a bucket as base, it conceals a spinning mechanism that washes clothes and then partially dries them. Drastically reducing effort and time need wash and dry the laundry.

Hawaii Implements Statewide Plastic Bag Ban – First U.S State

Hawaii officially became the first U.S state to have a statewide ban on plastic bags. Huge credits to local activists and volunteers who fought and built support for the ban. This amazing development is a big statement for the environment conscious community, with the fact that the statewide ban was not actually a law on a state level. It was a separate effort of all four counties of Hawaii.

London Olympics 2012

The Olympics of 2012 was the first event that had a lot of environmental considerations. Although the eco-friendly technology and the methods implemented were criticized, it was still a good indication of the growth of interest and awareness of greener technology and solutions. This should be a challenge to next Olympics host. London Olympics 2012 – Green Facts: Sustainable Cycling StadiumLondon Olympics 2012 – Green Facts: Recyclable Basketball Stadium.


Let us look forward for a greener 2013. Happy new year!

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