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Green innovations for a sustainable future: 3D Printers

In its early development, 3D printers were only considered for prototyping purposes. But over the past years improvement on the 3D printing technology has catched the world’s attention due to its promising capabilities. This innovative technology may drastically change and revolutionize the manufacturing industry, or even how we design and work.

3D printers are considered green innovations because of its great potential to transform the energy industry. It could make solar panel prices significantly cheaper and make it the top energy source of the world. How?

3D printer + solar panels

3D printing could manufacture extremely thin solar cells, so thin that it can be printed on untreated paper, plastic or even fabric, rather that using expensive and fragile glass.

This means solar panels will be flexible and more durable and will be lighter. All this gives it very good potential for other applications like wearable hi-tech clothing, portable charging for electronics and gadgets, and whole lot more cool potential technology.

If the current trend in the development of 3D printers, it may become a household object in the next twenty (20) years.


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