Europe vs CO2: Cut CO2 emissions, Vote for stronger car efficiency regulations

This Wednesday (April 24, 2013), European politicians will decide and vote on the rules which could reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for new cars. This is a significant decision due to its possibly to spread and implemented around the world. To add into consideration, CO2 emissions from cars account for 25% for the worlds carbon footprint.

Greenpeace needs our help to push for stronger car efficiency regulations. Tell Europe the world needs cleaner cars.

Cut CO2 emissions - vote for stronger car efficiency regulations in the EU

When we first asked Volkswagen to make greener cars, they said it wasn’t possible. Then 526,000 of us piled pressure on VW and helped persuade the biggest and most powerful car company in Europe that clean technology is possible. That’s something we can be proud of. Now it’s time to move the whole of Europe (and the world) forward.


Car pollution is a big driver of climate change - and dangerous oil exploration in places like the Arctic. Fuel efficient cars could save Europe 100 times the amount of oil it uses in a year - helping to slow down the desperate search for oil that companies like Shell are leading.

The technology for more efficient vehicles are here already. Car manufacturers just need a little bit of drive to go for it. Electric cars are always an option, but for the current technology they are still too expensive for the general public.

Inefficient cars consume more oil, generates more carbon dioxide (CO2) and puts the Arctic endanger.

Tell Europe the world needs cleaner cars.

Source: greenpeace

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