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The Benefits of Bats in and Around Your Home

For some people, bats in and around their home can be seen as a bad thing. Although not much can be done about it, with laws in place to stop people disturbing and killing bats in most countries due to their endangered nature, they can see it as devaluing their homes. This isn’t the case as, in fact, they can bring a lot of benefits to your home when it comes to biodiversity and care for the natural environment.



If you don’t like bats, you’re probably not the sort of person to like insects, either. That means it’s a question of which you dislike more. I’d certainly say insects… If you’re the same then it’s good news, as the average bat can consume hundreds of insects every hour. This is great news for anyone living in damp or wooded areas that are prone to mosquito and midges.


Much like birds, these nocturnal creatures are great for the spreading of seeds, further encouraging your local habitats. This is perfect if you live in rural areas with lots of natural growth that needs supporting.

As well as their active efforts in your garden, their more natural traits help too. Their droppings are low odour and a good source of nitrogen and phosphorous for you garden. This means they can be an admirable companion to the avid gardener.

How you help Bats

This doesn’t have to be a one way street. There are ways you can help the bats, too. Namely, when you are developing or expanding your home you can check for the existence of bats in your home. This will often be actively requested by your council if they have reason to believe there are bats in the area as it’s against the law to disturb, kill or remove them. Nevertheless, if one hasn’t been requested but you feel there are bats within the area, it’s within everyone’s interest that you go out of your way to conduct one.

Top Homes for Bats

While they aren’t the fussiest animal, there are homes which are more inviting to bats than others. Old, spooky looking houses aside, they love places next to heavy woodland, and this can include modern ‘estate’ houses that are set up alongside treelines. The main thing that they will go for is easy access in and out of the house, which is most gaps for a bat as small as the pipistrelle, as well as big dark spaces, so you can expect them to pay a visit more if you have a tall roof space with no attic conversion.

The Importance of looking after Bats

Bats are a valuable part of ecosystems in the US, UK and all over the world, but despite this people are still failing to see the necessity of keeping their populations up. In the UK last week 12 Pipistrelle bats were found dead, despite strict laws against their harm and disturbance. Although an investigation is underway to determine whether the deaths were under suspicious circumstances, it’s clear that more emphasis is needed, worldwide, on the awareness of the importance of bats.