Earth Day 2013 - Face of Climate Change

Happy Earth Day! Everyday can be an earth day, that is easier said than done. So for us to be able to reflect and be reminded of the importance of preserving, protecting and restoring the integrity and abundance of our environment, for the sustainable development of our planet.

Every 22nd of April we celebrate the Earth day. The earth day network is celebrating earth day 2013 with the theme - “The Face of Climate Change”. This is to promote awareness that climate change is a very serious threat, and also to call on more people to participate in initiatives to lessen its impact as early as possible.

Today many people still believe that climate change is still a debatable threat. ironically, the experts have for several years believed that it is a real threat. It is already impacting real people, animals, and the environment. The impacts of Climate Change are multiplying every day.

If you want to take action, checkout the earth day 2013 program. You can also support Greenpeace’s campaigns. Do not mind how small you can contribute, at least in the future if the climate change continue, you will be able tell your children or grand children that you did something.

If you are still a skeptic, checkout the video below. It may not have happened on your place, but this clearly show the impact of the climate change.

Here’s a clip from the National Geographic documentary film, which captures largest glacier calving ever filmed. Also included a full movie trailer.

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