All Electric GT500 Ford Mustang Shelby

In the official launching of Ford’s new research and development facility in Silicon Valley. Executive chairman Bill Ford, rolled out its new fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles that will be hitting the market this year. A GT500 Mustang Shelby, was among the vehicles displayed on the event. Questions were raised if a 600-horsepower electric muscle car be part of their market this year?

“It’ll be a while”, this was Bill Ford’s response when asked specifically about an electric GT500 Mustang  Shelby. He also added that, “A 600-horsepower electric vehicle might be able to get from here to the end of the room. As batteries get better and the technology develops, we never say never. I must say I average my guilt by having a bunch of Mustangs and by having the first production electric vehicle also. Some day you’ll be able to have it all.”

Aside from price and mileage, power is one of the main reasons why electric vehicles are not yet on the main stream today. But technology is definitely catching up with so much progress in the past years. An all-electric muscle car is definitely a possibility decades from now.

Technology is a route which Ford is taking over all others in its new vehicles. Being a company that is used to concentrating only on the hardware, they are now taking on upgrades in their software and making their vehicles greener and fuel-efficient.

Bringing in the GT500 Mustang Shelby together with its new electric and hybrid vehicles, shows that they are serious in rolling out more green vehicles to the market. It is also a challenge to the competition on who will be first in an all-electric muscle car.

source: Forbes

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