Green innovations for a sustainable future: White Goat Machine - ultimate recycling

A machine takes care of your office paper trash and your toilet paper. Yes, it is strange but definitely eco-friendly. The White Goat Machine converts normal paper into toilet paper, it only takes 40 sheets of paper and 30 minutes to make a fresh roll of toilet paper. It also takes care of any stray staples (we don’t want that on a toilet paper). 

With the used paper loaded the machine removes stray staples , shreds the paper, mixes and dissolves it in water, flattens the pulp sized shreds, then dries it up and last step is rolling it into bathroom tissue. It’s a 30 minute process using a 6-foot tall White Goat Machine.

The machine will go on sale this year with a whooping prices tag of $100,000. A discouragingly expensive price, plus it uses energy on the process which might negate its recycling benefits.

But on the brighter side, this is a very promising technology. Remember that solar panels, LED lights, Electric cars and other green technologies started with criticism for its efficiency and price tag. But with continuous innovations, they have now become industry and household names.

The average person uses up to 39 pounds of toilet paper every year, that’s roughly one-third of a tree. The more reason this technology should be further developed and innovated. Who knows with this as baseline, in the future we might end up recycling and producing more than just paper and toilet papers.

Still in doubt? Check out the video below to see it in action.


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