DIY Servicing Tips For Your Lawnmower

Petrol lawnmowers can be a great addition to your garden tool line-up. Unlike manual or electric mowers, petrol lawnmowers run on an engine, allowing the mower to roam across larger areas and at a more efficient pace. To keep your mower in good working order, it is essential to regularly service and clean the mechanisms involved. Like a car, your lawnmower needs mechanical attention from time to time too.

While more serious repair work will generally require professional insights, there are a few tips you should bear in mind for personally servicing your lawnmower.

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Lawn mower replacement parts from can help give your mower a new lease of life, but if these are not fitted properly or sensitively you may void any warranties that the manufacturer has on the mower. This isn’t always the end of the world, so long as you are aware of when the warranties will cover you and when they won’t.

Once the technical issues are out the way, it is time to get down to business. Servicing your lawnmower can extend its useful lifespan, and leave the machine running much more freely than was previously the case. It is worth conducting these kinds of checks at least every season when the mower comes out of hibernation. That way, you will be able to keep on top of any dirt and debris that may be preparing problems for your future use.

The first step should always be to remove the spark plug cap. This will ensure that the mower cannot turn on accidentally while you are servicing it. This is an absolutely essential step, mainly for health and safety reasons. The spinning blades can pose a risk to unsuspecting humans, so it makes sense to disable the engine initially before you start toying with the mechanics.

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When the spark plug cap is removed, the first process should be to check and clean the air filter. The air filter keeps the flow of air through the mower that enables cut grass to be collected. This can easily become blocked or dirty, and if your mower is under-performing this is usually one of the best first places to check.

Next, check the blades themselves, and the tightness of the mechanism. The blades can rust or distort in shape fairly easily, depending on your mower, and this can often cause mowers to lose their efficacy. It may be the case that you need replacement blades or parts, and this is worth further investigation at this stage.

Whenever you are servicing your mower, you must always take the opportunity to check the oil levels, using the dipstick provided. This will help you keep on top of your equipment’s need for oil, for smoother motion and better performance from your lawnmower.

Keep in mind, for the gardener who values his or her time, the petrol lawnmower is crucial. You will be able to operate significantly faster when you don’t have a cable to worry about, and the grass is so much easier to pick up.


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