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Cool Portable Smartphone Charger - Uses ordinary water

Looking for better battery capacity for your smartphones? watch out for the PowerTrekk portable battery charger this 2013. A fuel-cell charger that uses amazing feat of chemistry to turn water into electricity, enough to charge your smarphone battery and any device capable of charging via USB. The technology offers a completely new way to go off grid, a very cool renewable energy concept.

portable smartphone battery charger - fuel cell renewable energy

Developed by Swedish fuel-cell company myFC, the PowerTrekk is a combination of fuel-cell and a battery pack that can charge all devices via USB. The myFC PowerTrekk Puck contains the fuel-cell component of the device, which a completely passive system. By adding water, as source of hydrogen, the fuel cell silently converts hydrogen into electricity, which charges the internal battery (capable of 1500 mAh) or your device when connected.

The company also said that the PowerTrekk Puck fuel cell can work using ordinary fresh water or saltwater, making it ideal for emergencies.

“The chemistry process is safe, controllable and eco-friendly, and the only bi-product from the fuel cell is a little water vapor. To operate, hydrogen must be supplied to the fuel cell, and the fuel cell must be exposed to the open air.” - PowerTrekk

The fuel puck allows for complete off grid charging. But on the downside, each PowerTrekk Puck is only good for one charge. So you’ll have to pack-in several PowerTrekk Pucks for long off grid travels. On the other hand, when on grid its internal battery can be charged via any USB power source.

The PowerTrekk Fuel Cell charger is estimated to cost $299. While each PowerTrekk Puck will cost $4 each. It probably is too costly, but remember that most renewable energy or eco-friendly technology started with high prices (like solar panes, LED lights, etc…).

The fast advancement and innovation in technology offers seemingly limitless possibilities. But power storage remains the biggest hurdle in maximizing its capabilities. Extending battery life and retaining battery size sees very little development over the years. Finding the a renewable energy source or off grid charging may be the solution. For now at least.

 source: powertrekk


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