Got Eco Technology features innovation and solutions towards green technology. The aim is to spread the knowledge and bring awareness of these technologies and solutions, and encourage the world to embrace eco-friendliness.

We believe that we have a lot of green technology and we can even stay green with very simple solutions. But it is not just about having the technology, It is more about wanting it. Technology is not the only solution, we can always come up with very simple solutions. How little the impact it may have, it always brings the possibility of the world adopting it.

GotEcoTech was created by greentech (self titled), after running through several articles about air car, solar nano technology and a coral restoration solution. Wondering when those would be available in his home country, Philippines. He published the first post on December 2011 through a blogger account. Then Switched to a primary domain on May 2012 - was born.

Top 1 Famous Cebu Blogger 2013! With almost 2 years of blogging, he was very honored to be recognized as Top 1 of the Top 10 Famous Cebu Bloggers 2013 given by BestCebuBlogsAwards (BCBA).

The posts you’ll read are usually summary results of browsing through the world-wide web for the latest and most interesting information, but sometimes he also express his own views/take on topics that are both interesting and relevant.

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Lets Go Green. Lets keep Mother Earth healthy. Green the future of our children.