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How to Become More Eco-Friendly Today

Being environmentally friendly is not a new idea. Since the 1960s, many people have thought up new ways to be a friend to the earth. Unfortunately, many of these ideas are impractical, expensive, or take a lot of time. However, there are also environmentally-friendly things you can do that instantly make the earth a better place and take very little investment. If you want to become more eco-friendly today, try these easy methods.

Eat Less Meat

The meat industry takes a lot of energy. From feeding and housing the animals to the machines required to process the meat, meat takes a lot of energy. One of the best things you can do for the environment is to cut down on your meat consumption. If more people ate less meat, the environment would be in better shape.

Grow Your Own Foods

Growing your own foods can have significant impact on the environment. The agricultural industry requires a lot of energy to produce and transport. Even if you only grow enough vegetables for a few meals, you are still cutting back on environmental impact. You can grow anything from tomatoes to your own fruit- depending on the space you have. Even apartment-dwellers can grow simple foods like herbs and vegetables.

Use Reusable Products

Rather than using single-use products (like paper towels, plastic bags, and paper plates), try using reusable products instead. You may be surprised at how easy it is to convert to reusable products. When you reuse products, you can significantly reduce your impact on the environment.

Buy Bulk Foods

A lot of foods come in packages that are difficult to recycle. One of the easiest ways to benefit the environment is to buy foods in bulk. Bulk foods are package-free, and you can even bring your own packages to place the food in so you do not even have to use plastic bags to store the food.

Use Energy-Saving Bulbs

Old light bulbs take a lot of energy and produce a lot of heat. New bulbs do not require as much heat energy, and also last much longer. Since energy-saving bulbs can be expensive, the best way to transition is one bulb at a time when the old bulbs expire.  Led lamps are a good idea, click here for ideas.

Use Public Transportation

Public transportation is the perfect way to help the environment. You are not using extra gas and you are not contributing to carbon dioxide and monoxide emissions. Electric transportation methods are the most environmentally-friendly. You can also commute by walking or biking.

Use the Thermostat Wisely

There is no reason to cool or heat your home when you are not in it. Even turning down your thermostat a few degrees can save more than 20 percent of your electricity use. Each degree is worth about a 10 percent energy savings. If you use a programmable thermostat, the unit will automatically adjust and you won’t even have to think about it.

There are many steps you can take today that will help benefit the environment. From using reusable bags at the grocery store to avoiding the consumption of meat, each small step can make a big difference.  Click here to learn more about environmentally friendly practices.