Clean water out of humid air – Foreign help for CDO

A foreign company introduces green technology to provide clean water for the Typhoon Sendong damaged Cagayan de Oro (CDO) Philippines. G2 machines are said to produce clean drinkable water from humid air, plus, it will also be powered by solar energy.
Six G2 units (Generation 2 water humidifier) has been provided to the province as a much needed help for the typhoon victims. This cutting-edge product is an atmospheric water generator, that produces sterilized water out of humid air.
It does not just produce water, but clean it produces clean, sterilized and drinkable water. The machine is suitable for use in disaster struck areas.
The machine can be a perpetual and sustainable source of water for a tropical and humid country such as our own, Philippines.
The current units are provided by the American company, Green Focus, and is powered by traditional electricity. The company is planning to provide more of these units and is eyeing to upgrade them to larger units powered by solar energy to provide portable water source for a larger population. As long as a net of investors is established.
This will definitely be of great help for the victims. Clean water can provide daily needs, help them become healthier and clean their surroundings. It is a factor in rebuilding their lives and their community.
source: solar energy

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