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Movpak - A Backpack and Electric Skateboard in One

Another great project in Kickstarter. The Movpak  is a backpack electric skateboard -hybrid backpack and an electric skateboard.

Last year, we featured a sleek foldable electric scooter - Stigo , an e-scooter which neatly folds into a stroller like . And early this year, remember the cool Backpack Kickscooter? Movpak is very similar in concept, except that it packs an electric motor that’s let you ride it without sweating.

Movpak is designed for students, for campus transport, and for commuters to tackle short travel or the “last mile” problem.

Movpak in e-Skateboard mode - with custom helmet

MovPack - Backpack Electronic Scooter

It can reach speed of  up to 24 km/h (15mph), and a range of 14 km (9 miles) with full charge

 Backpack mode

MovPack - Backpack Electronic Scooter

Image: gizmodo

It can function as a regular backpack. But you will need to consider the thing to pack, because the Movpak alone already weights  7.7 kg (17 lbs). Sounds heavy for a backpacking trip. But it can actually come handy as it allow charging for your mobile devices as well.

MovPack - Backpack Electronic Scooter

Wondering how it runs? - It’s electric motors can be controlled using a wireless hand held remote. It’ll probably take some to get used to, even for the experienced skateboarder.

MovPack - Backpack Electronic Scooter


Close Ups. Movpak’s electric motor can be charged full in just two hours .

MovPack - Backpack Electronic Scooter

Image: gizmodo

It’s designer also claim that the Movpak is airport friendly. Good news.

MovPack - Backpack Electronic Scooter

Image: gizmodo

Checkout the videos below, and see how Movpak are design to work. Also see its first impression in Silicon Valley and New York

Here’s how the designers envision Movpak in real world

Now here are actual First impression of the Movpak, in Silicon Valley

And here is how New York reacts to Movpak

Want one? Well, they have 29 days left on their KickStarter campaign. I would love to get one, except that the cheapest pledge to get one is $999 USD (and this is already gone). So you’ll now need at least $1,190 USD to get one.

So still want one? - If you do get one,  please let me borrow :)


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