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Green Cars at NAIAS 2012

This is a featured news via by Philip Proefrock Two years ago, automakers were scrambling to out-green each other and to emphasize their green halo, and the show’s main floor included an ‘Electric Avenue’ with all manner of unusual vehicles (most of which have not returned). But the age of  Read more »

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Lithium air Battery - Holy grail of EV technology

IBM’s lithium air battery could make electric vehicles (EV) as cheap as a typical family car. IBM is leading the research, together with four US technology giant laboratories and commercial partners, in creating a battery that will power an EV up to 800 kilometers (500 miles) in what a coalition  Read more »

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Compressed Air-Powered Car EnigineHow does it work?

On my previous post I tackled about the up coming release of MDI and TATA Motor’s Air-Powered vehicle, the MiniCAT, this year. You were probably in disbelief of the idea that your vehicle can be powered by air from your surroundings. Well I also asked the same question when I  Read more »

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TATA Technology’s Compressed Air-Powered Car Engine In 2012

The world’s first air-powered vehicle is set to for release in India this year - 2012. The car runs on compressed air making it a zero carbon emission vehicle. To make it even greener, it also uses vegetable oil as engine oil. This amazingly clean and green vehicle is called  Read more »

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Amazing Clean and Green technologies

Have you ever wondered what we are doing to fight global warming or save & preserve the Earth or save Ourselves?. I have asked this question, and it triggered a curiosity in me. This curiosity lead me into writing this blog. For me writing doubles my chances of remembering what I have read and learned,  Read more »

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