Honda Fit EVs availale in Zipcar’s car-sharing fleet in San Franciso

Some 2013 Honda Fit EVs will be rolling on the streets of San Francisco starting this month. The new Honda Fit EVs will be placed in Zipcar locations throughout San Francisco. The introduction of these electric vehicles to into the car sharing fleet will allow the public to experience one of the most technologically advanced vehicle on the road while reducing environmental impact. It is like hitting two birds with one stone, the car sharing concept itself is already reducing pollution from vehicle emissions. Adding EVs to the mix, makes it more significant.

Zipcar and Honda are working together to make 2013 Honda Fit EVs available for the public with Zipcar’s car-sharing fleet in San Francisco. The EVs  will be stationed at the City Hall as well as the InterContinental and Parc 55 hotels. The car-sharing company, which says the EV can be recharged from a 240-volt station in less than three hours. These vehicles will be available for hourly reservation by all Zipcar members, starting from as low as $8.00 per hour.

Zipcar will hold demonstrations and free test drives next Monday and Tuesday at San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza. The company also have plans to introduce additional Honda Fit EVs to their car sharing fleets in Los Angeles and Portland, OR, this fall.

This is surely a great way of getting people familiar with electric vehicles.  Just like with hybrid cars a decade ago, were people was very reluctant to buy or even use hybrid cars. We just need to get use to it, and convince ourselves that they can do the job just like conventional combustion vehicles.

This might just serve as a test drive for future vehicles. A great way to run a company and push for the adoption of eco-friendly technologies.

source: autobloggreen  images: honda

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