Help Save the Arctic: Stop Shell from Drilling on the Arctic

Last year, Shell was forced to halt plans to drill on the Alaskan Arctic due to several scandalous mishap. But despite its disastrous track record, Shell hasn’t given up. They are planning on another attempt next year to drill on the Alaskan Arctic. But not only that, they are also is a closed door discussion with Russian oil giant, Gazprom to expand operations into the Russian Arctic waters, where regulations are the weakest in the world.

This reckless company is desperate to drill wherever it can. Obama must take this chance to shut the door on Shell for good by making the US Arctic off-limits to dirty oil companies and encouraging other countries like Russia to do the same.

Support the Save the Arctic movement.

The Arctic is in grave danger as long as oil companies are allowed to drill. We need to stop them. This is why a team of young people from around the world are right now on their way to the North Pole. They’re on a mission on behalf of millions to call for the sensitive area to be declared a sanctuary for the whole planet, to keep this place off-limits to the recklessness of oil companies like Shell and Gazprom.

The Russian oil industry is responsible for more spills than any other company on the planet. After Shell’s Alaska drilling program suffered repeated embarrassing failures, broken equipment, and critical governmental investigations last year, Shell is hoping that in Russia it could drill this fragile region away from prying eyes.

But we won’t let them get away with it. Obama shouldn’t be fooled into thinking Shell has left Alaskan waters for good. Shell won’t be content until it has its paws on all corners of the Arctic. Obama should lead the world’s governments in standing up to the big oil bullies and banning offshore drilling in the Arctic.

Read more on why we should stop shell from touch the Arctic, and know how you can help.

Get into their world. Follow the North Pole expedition in real time, Check the Interactive map.

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Sources: greenpeace, Ben Ayliffe (Arctic Campaign - Greenpeace International)

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