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Stigo foldable electric scooter: The fastest folding scooter you can bring anywhere

The Stigo foldable electric scooter is the newest e-scooter soon to be on the market. five years in the making, it was finally unveiled last September 20th at the 1,000 Pionniers event in Paris. The Stigo has a top speed of 5 mph (125 km/h) and a maximum 25 miles (40 km) range in every fully charged battery.

What makes it unique from other electric scooters? It amazingly folds-up and folds-out in just two (2) seconds, arguably the fastest folder on the market. Once folded it leaves a footprint of just 45×40 cm, it should not occupy much space if you bring it to office, if your boss don’t mind.

The Stigo powered by a 250 W hub motor, a 36 V liFePO4 battery and a twist-grip control for acceleration. It also features a front and back LED lighting, 12-inch tires, side-mounted reflectors, caliper brakes on the front and back wheel, and a center-mounted display on the handlebars to show the remaining charge and actual speed.

The Stigo was developed for urban transport, designed to help you get those last few miles from a mass transit stop to your apartment or to your office. Current model is made out of aluminum frames and weighs 17 kg.

But no worries,  it folds into a wheeled suitcase or like a stroller bag which you can bring along anywhere and charge from any regular outlet, more like our gadgets now a days. The developers are also in the works of building a bike with a carbon fiber frame for a lightweight version.

Its battery pack will not user-replaceable, but should be good for a few years before the scooter needs maintenance for a refresh. Other add-on that currently in progress are; companion smartphone app which will include detail on your riding history, and also for social and security features for the scooter.

Want one now? You can sign-up for registrations to be one of the first 200 owners of this amazing bike. Well you might have to think about twice, since the Stigo costs 2,370 Euros, comes with a 2-year warranty though.

Stigobike plans to deliver its first 200 Stigo foldable electric scooter units by the early 2014 in the European market, and hopes to offer 8,000 more units by 2015. They are also looking to introduce this electric scooter to the US market by the end of 2014.

Stigo is definitely a gadget or a vehicle for a cleaner and sustainable future.


source: stigobike, gizmag