GoSun Stove reinvents solar cooking - Heats up to a Sizzling 550°F in Minutes

The GoSun solar stove is a fuel free solar cooker with an innovative design that makes solar cooking fast and easy. It can even cook your food in just 20 minutes with moderate sunlight. Imagine what it can do on a hot summer day.


What you can do with GoSun


How it works
source: kickstarter

Unlike other solar cookers, GoSun maximizes the sun’s energy without the need of regular positioning. This sets it apart from the rest on the market.

GoSun’s innovative design was developed by solar energy expert, Partick Sherwin. It uses a design fold out anodized aluminum envelope to catch the sun’s energy in any angle.

Its evacuated tube technology acts like a giant thermos allowing the solar cook stove to reach temperatures of up to 550°F and retain 80% to 90% of concentrated heat energy from the cleanest energy source on the planet.

It also does a good job in retaining heat. As vacuum between two layers of tough glass prevents outside ambient temperature from transferring into the inner cooking zone.

The innovation of GoSun solar stove changes the way solar cookers are built. Unlike most solar stoves, it does not need hours of positioning just to get the most of the sun’s energy. Its fuss-free, easy to setup design maximizes solar energy for cooking. The perfect combination of anodized aluminum envelope and an evacuated tube

The GoSun claims to work its magic whenever the sun is shining. Hot water and even hot meals can be prepared even on the coldest winter day, with a little patience.


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