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Makati City: Southeast Asia’s First Energy-Effecient City

Did you know that Makati City (the financial hub of the Philippines today) has been recognized as Southeast Asia’s First Energy-Efficient City on July 2009 by international organization Greenpeace for its programs committed to reduce its carbon footprint?
Makati has constantly supported and promoted environment friendly and energy-efficient initiatives. They have optimized scarce resources to achieve eco-sustainability. Having eco-efficient buildings and structures and promoting the use of e-Jeepneys (Electric Jeepneys).
The Jeepney is the basic mode of public transportation in the Philippines. A very good concept of transportation, but unfortunately also one of the leading contributors to pollution. Besides the fact that combustion engines contributes to pollution, most of the engines used by jeepneys are either antiquated surplus or poorly maintained. Engine which are not properly maintained consumes more energy or fuel and thus produces more pollutant gasses.

Converting diesel run Jeepneys into e-Jeepneys will have significant benefits to drivers, operators,the people, the government and to the environment.

The use of e-Jeepneys as primary mode of transport will save the national government at least P10 billion annually, said Red Constantino, executive director of the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC). Sustainability is important, but what is more significant is sustainable economic development. Revenues can come from different areas, such as in battery
charging, fleet operations, and many more.