Pacquiao’s Green Effect On The Philippines

He did it again. In his latest bout with Timothy Bradley, Pacquiao reduced vehicle emissions by 90%. It happened in all of Pacquiao’s past fights and his latest bout is not an exception.

Every time the best pound for pound boxer in the world steps into the ring, his home country, Philippines, goes into a stand still.

For about an hour or two, the usually busy and congested streets of Metro Manila, Philippines, become empty. People stay at home or go to the cinemas to watch the fight. While other vehicles are parked on the street sides and tuned in to the radio broadcasts of bout when it started past 11AM (Philippine time).

Images from MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority)

Just minutes before the Pacquiao vs Bradley bout started. The streets of Metro Manila were clear of cars and public transportation vehicles (PUJ Public Utility Vehicles). It is a normal scene every time Pacquiao fights.

It only lasts about an hour or two. But considering the fact that Metro Manila is one of the top five most polluted cities in the world. and vehicle emissions the biggest contributor of air pollution in the country. Two hours of almost virtually zero CO2 emissions is significant.

This is obviously not a solution, unless Pacquiao fights everyday or every week or every month.

This shows Pacquiao’s level of greatness, and more importantly it shows us that there are a lot of ways to reduce air pollution and care of the environment. We just need willingness and commitment.


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