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20T e-trikes by 2012 in Cebu City

As fuel prices continue to rise and air pollution worsens. The government is looking at a cleaner alternative source of energy. This year, Twenty (20) thousand electric tricycles, “e-trikes”, are eyed for Cebu City by the end of 2012.

The first significant step of the Philippine government towards a more sutainable, cleaner and energy-efficient mode of transport, was the launching of the e-Jeepney (electric jeepneys) making the country’s basic mode of transportation cleaner.Last aprill 2011, Pres. Aquino has launched the first twenty (20) electric tricycles (e-trikes) in the country. The e-trikes where turned over to the City of Mandaluyong as the pilot area of the program. This has marked a significant step towards a sustainable, clean and energy-efficient mode of transport.

E-trikes is a project of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Which aims to present energy-efficient transport and promote green technology. As part of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Alternative Fuel Transport Program. They are pushing for green mode of transport and are eyeing to have twenty (20) thousand  e-trikes in operation in Cebu City by the end of 2012. This will reduce CO2 emissions and the country’s dependence to expensive petroleum.

The tricycles is one of the basic, maybe second to jeepneys, mode of traportation in the country. Today 3.5 million are in operation, which contributes to more than 10 million tons of CO2 emission and consumes about $5B petroleum every year. Like the e-Jeepney, the e-trike will not only benefit the environment. It will also benefit the drivers for higher income since electricity is cheaper than fuel and for the commuters they will be inhaling cleaner air as they ride on the e-trike.

As of this writting, only the pioneered e-trikes in mandaluyong are running. There are still no updates on the e-trike project in Cebu City. As there is still a need for re-charging stations for e-trikes.The target is to have 20,00 e-trikes by the end of 2012 and increase this number to 100,00 by 2016.

This is a very promising project. If the targets are met, it would be a very big step towards clean and green technology. Let’s not just hope and pray, we as the people of this country should show the government that we want and need it!

Sources: Philippine Information Agency