Austin Energy Turns On 30 MW Solar Farm in Texas

The 30 Megawatt (MW) solar farm in Webberville, Texas began generating power on December 20, 2011. It is the largest active solar project of any public power utility in the country, the largest active project in Texas and among the largest of all operating solar projects in America.
The 30MW solar project contains more than 127,00 Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels which are mounted on single-axis trackers that tracks the sun to maximize solar energy production, electricity output. The 380 acres photovoltaic solar farm is expected to generate 61 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of clean energy on the first year. 1.4 billion kWh of renewable energy over 25 years . That is enough clean energy to power more than 136,000 average U.S. homes (5,000 homes per year). In the same time frame, using the solar farm as energy source will prevent the emission of 1.6 billion pounds of CO2 in to the atmosphere.

This is clean and green technology at work.

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