Five Green Tech Trends To Pick Up This Year

Homeowners are serious about cutting energy costs. Higher energy costs have been a concern to some households, so many are looking for creative ways to cut energy costs. They are investing in energy upgrades and aggressively seeking ways to cut costs in their residence. Here are five surprising green tech trends homeowners should pick up this year. 

Power energy monitor

Power energy monitoring systems are all the rage among tech savvy, cost-conscious homeowners. Innovations like sophisticated monitors track the use of energy usage in the home and provide homeowners with detailed reporting to help them identify their usage patterns and make adjustments accordingly. Some devices allow a person to plug in a device into an outlet and determine how much energy is being used by that appliance or device.


Homeowners are paying particular attention to their lighting. Older lighting is being replaced by the brighter and more powerful LED lighting. The long-lasting bulbs provide increased savings to the homeowner looking to cut costs in how much is spent on lighting. Some suggests that LED lighting will eventually become a common feature in computing devices. LED light replacements are giving the compact fluorescent alternative a run for its money. Homeowners are gradually easing into this trend.

Embracing home automation

Home energy monitoring systems have made significant strides in recent years. Touchscreen panels allow a person access to all systems in the home. Reporting features generate usage history that can be accessed through any smartphone, table or other computing device. The homeowner detects trends and can alter their usage patterns to increase energy savings. Vivint home security systems offer Lancaster home automation services to help homeowners take advantage of these sophisticated, programmable systems that control lighting and heating and cooling in the home.

Green plumbing

Another trend to watch is green plumbing. Homeowners are now taking advantage of tax breaks available to them for making green upgrades to their homes. Between 15 and 30 percent of the energy consumption for a given residence is linked to heating water. The average household wastes gallons of water a day. New plumbing fixtures, hot water heating systems and tankless systems are being used in households looking to save on energy costs.

Solar powered homes

Homeowners have always been open to solar power, but affordability has made solar power that much more accessible to the average homeowner. In fact, current homeowners aren’t the only ones interested in this trend. Homebuilders are now luring prospects by creating certified energy efficient homes to attract residents. Net Zero and LEED certified are proving to be attractive to prospective buyers.

Exciting emerging technologies will continue to change the way homeowners think of energy. Minor upgrades here and there produce savings over time for the typical homeowner. Any homeowner can cut energy costs by making a few changes.

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