nPower PEG (Personal Energy Generator)

Outdoor activities - a great way to experience being disconnected with technology, but that was before there was nPower PEG (Personal Energy Generator). Now, with the nPower PEG, you can now harvest your own energy while moving to charge your phone.

The nPower PEG contains spring, weight, and coil to produce a kinetic energy which will then be used to charge your phone, and other portable devices. The weight, spring, and coil move together as you move, so the more you move, the more energy you can harvest. nPower does not suggest you plugging your company laptop in since it requires more energy than nPower PEG can provide. Tablets can be charged but can give you only 15% though.

While smartphone solar case needs sunlight to charge, nPower PEG only asks you to put him vertically and move.

A guide below will show Tremont Electric’s handy guide.

1 minute of walking = 1 minute of listening on an iPod Nano
11 minutes of walking = 1 minute of talk time during a 2G call on an iPhone
26 minutes of walking = 1 minute of talk time during a 3G call on an iPhone

The 10.5 tall cylinder will surely be the most useful tool in your backpack. Get it at nPower PEG store for $199.95