Renewable Energy Over Nuclear Power In A Debate In Australia

Greens New South Wales MP John Kaye slammed the proposal of some Australian lawmakers pushing for nuclear power generation as a viable source of sustainable energy. Furthermore it was pointed out that Nuclear energy is uneconomic, retrograde and dangerous. Kaye also noted that wind and solar power is cheaper to develop and will not have disposal problems and toxic threats.

“Parading nuclear energy as a viable low emissions energy source while the O’Farrell government continues to devastate the renewable energy sector is deeply contradictory,” said Mr. Kaye.

Aside from toxic threats, nuclear power has also an unavoidable association with nuclear weapons. Making it more unsuitable to be considered energy source for any country.

There are a lot of clean and renewable energy generation sources available. Especially with the emerging green technology trend around the world. The government just needs to commit to testing and developing it.

Just to note, Solar and Wind energy are the epitome of renewable energy sources. No debate should be needed if a country is seriously in to clear energy generation.

source: energymatters