World’s greenest smartphone makers - The Top 7

I’m pretty sure we have our own idea of the top smartphones today. But which of them are the greenest? Let us take a look at seven of the greenest smartphone manufacturers in terms of sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions, recycling and use of precious earth minerals, and  product’s energy efficiency.

Top 7 greenest smartphone makers. (Taken from Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics)


They are recognized by Greenpeace as the  14th greenest company in the world, but the greenest among phone-makers. Last year (2012), they have achieved 40% use of renewable energy, scores high in sustainability, has phone collection points in over 100 countries and all its latest smartphones use recycled plastics. Nokia is back in business, well at least in the green technology aspect but their smartphones surely still needs to prove a lot against fierce competition.


This may not be very visible to the public because of the company’s regard for quality and style on their devices. But last year (2012), the company actually achieved their goal of 70% recycling as a percentage of its sale. Plus their stylish smartphones are one of the most energy-efficient. They are also one of the first company to release and produce products free of polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC) and brominated frame retardant (BFR).


The company is open and conscious of both its own greenhouse gas emissions as well as its partner supply chains. But the most praise they are recognized for is with product life cycle which is said to have allowed consumers to hold on to their devices for the longest duration.


The company has been known as one of the most aware in terms of environmental technology. The company uses 8,500 tonnes of post-consumer recycled plastics every year, that’s a lot of recycling. They have phased out the use of polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC) and has publicly committed to target 5% reduction in the use of virgin oil-based plastics by 2015. They also score well in the energy efficiency of its products.


The company invests using recycled plastics and its products often meet or exceed Energy Star’s efficiency standards. they are also in the process of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the details of this however is not yet known but should be detailed out on next report to be  published by greenpeace.

6. LG

LG mobile phones are known to be free of polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC), brominated frame retardants (BFRs), phthalates, antimony trioxide and beryllium oxide. The company scores highly for its commitment to sustainability, which includes a phone buyback system in place over 52 countries for obsolete devices.

7. BlackBerry

The Canadian company has made efforts to significantly improve the efficiency of their devices, including chargers. Its smartphones are free of brominated and chlorinate substances. The company is quite committed in pursuing eco-friendly manufacturing of their products, in fact their suppliers are being surveyed on the sourcing of raw materials.

Source: greenpeace


greenTech believes that we are capable of using and making green technology and solutions. He writes to find and share as much information about these technologies and remind you, to start going green. Mother Nature can nourish itself, but with so much battering, time may come the she cannot handle the damage.

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